Valentine’s Heart Suckers

DIY Heart Lollipops

heart lollipops

Do you have tons of left over candy canes from the holidays that you have no clue what to do with?
Yeah so do we…every year!

So, I decided to try something new to use up those candy canes and other baking supplies I have laying around my kitchen.
Something festive AND I’m decluttering, win win!

Make these fun heart candycanes in 4 simple steps. This is even an activity you could get the kinds involved in helping with. Let them stir, sprinkle and arrange. They will have a blast!

You will need:
– candy canes (an even number)
– candy melts, white chocolate chips or almond bark. I had candy melts left from a birthday last summer so used those up!
– Lollipop sticks
– Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles
– Wax paper
– Baking sheet
– rubber spatula
– Glass bowl

Step One:
melt your candy melts, chocolate or almond bark. I like to melt in the microwave, i never over do it but when I attempt on the stove I always mess it up. Do whichever method you prefer. If you’ve never done this I suggest going the microwave route; throw in glass bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until it’s smooth.

Step two:
Lay wax paper on your baking sheet. Break apart your candy canes so you have just the tops (like pictured below). Arrange 2 candy canes in the shape of a heart … or if they are broken that works too just arrange them into a heart. The peppermint and part of the rainbow lollipop in my pictures are a bunch of pieces and it worked great. Stick a lollipop stick between the candy canes.
heart lollipops in making

Step three:
spoon a little of the melted candy, chocolate or almond bark into the hearts. Start with a little at a time and over the lillipop stick; this will help things to not move around. Slowly fill the hearts and almost painting the inside of the heart to disburse all the melted goodness into the heart. Then top with sprinkles BEFORE your candy, chocolate or almond bark hardens. You will likely need to put your baking sheet in the freezer (or if you live in cold climates like I do put outside) for 5-10 minutes.

Step four:
After the centers harden flip the lollipops over and put a little bit of your candy, chocolate or almond bark on the back, mainly to cover the lollipop stick and so it looks prettier. Decorate with the sprinkles again and cool again.


You’re done and now have a fun treat for the kiddos .. or a fun valentine’s gift for family & friends 🙂

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