Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day?

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Love is in the air and it makes for a fun Valentine’s Day with the family…

Are you ready?

This blog article will give fun ideas for activities, dinners, wearables, gifts & more!

Get in style with these amazing shoes for the family…the kids in hearts!

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Making a Card Box … I remember doing this as a kid I always thought it was the BEST!
Here are some fun DIY box kits, don’t forget to add your own spin to them to make it fun… gather craft supplies you have around your house and let the kids have a blast using their creativity!

Or, make your boxes with supplies around the house! What to look for:
– shoe box
– wrapping paper, tin foil, comics section from newspaper or a brown shopping bag (to wrap the box)
– glue
– stickers
– feathers
– beads
– poms
– crayons or markers
– glitter
– glitter glue
– puff paint
– candy hearts
– construction paper for shapes or if making an animal … cut out ears! 🙂
– scissors

Let the kids decorate and run wild with their imaginations! Some fun box ideas are a Valentine monster, unicorn, creative minds mix of stickers & drawings, pom box, mail box, owl, frog, hearts, emoji, Mario &/or Luigi bibs … the options are endless! Just Google DIY Valentine’s Box –> Images and you will get hundreds of ideas. Super easy and a busy craft to keep those kids busy for a few hours. Much better than more screen time!


Crafts & DIY:
– Do you have leftover candy canes? Make these adorable heart shaped lollipops!
Heart Suckers
– Make your own valentines cards
– Make Valentine Treat Bags! Here are some FREE Printables!

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Activities for couples:
– Dinner reservation
– Home cooked meal & a movie at home
– Relationships are continuous work, recharge with a couples workshop!
– Go to a movie
– Stroll through an art museum
– Go to a play
– Dinner theatre
– Dinner boat cruise
– Go to a painting class as a family. Here is MN we have a company called Cheers Pablo that offers fun classes!
– Go to a local DIY class (plant night, build something of wood, mosaic tile class, cooking, etc.)


Activities for Families:
– Go out to dinner
– Get a heart shaped pizza from your local pizzaria
– Go sledding or ice skating (or to the beach if in warmer climates)
– Go to a painting class as a family. Here is MN we have a company called Cheers Pablo that offers great kid friendly classes!
– Take the kids to the Science Museum
– Go see a kids play
– Have a movie night at home with a popcorn picnic
– Make a special Valentine’s Cake: My kids & I made a strawberry cake with whipped cream cheese frosting. We actually made it a double layer cake just to make it a bit more fun then topped it with sprinkles & flowers to fit the occasion. Both the cake and frosting were Betty Crocker due to time restraints this year. I have tried many different cake mixes and frosting and Betty Crocker by far has the best cake mix, it is so moist and doesn’t dry out after a day! I am not a huge pre-made frosting fan but out of all the options I have to say my favorite is also Betty Crocker, the whipped cream cheese…. yummy!



Dinner Ideas with the Family:
– Make Heart Shaped Pizzas
Heart Shaped Pizzas
– Fondue – with this electric fondue maker the whole family can join in!
– Have a dessert picnic

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