DIY Wooden Pumpkins

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DIY Wooden Pumpkins


Make these adorable wood pumpkins from logs you have laying around your yard! Best part is it really doesn’t matter the size or shape; they are adorable with their own unique identity just like in a pumpkin patch!

These are perfect for your fall decor or used as a party decoration!

Supplies needed:
– Log pieces about 1-3″ thick
Crafting floral wire
Raffia or fall ribbon
Orange acrylic paint
Wood strips 
Sponge brush
Acrylic Sealer to protect the wood
– Wire cutter
– Scissors
Hot glue gun
– Hot glue sticks
– Sand paper/sand paper block
Dark stain
– Paper towels or old rag towels







Step One:
Find your logs and cut them to be 1-3″ thick.  Decide where you will want these; you will want to cut closer to 1 inch if you’ll be hanging on the wall or closer to 3 inches if you want to use them as a floor/table decoration. clean off saw dust & dirt with a cloth.

Step Two:
Paint the most of the piece with the orange paint using the foam paint brush. Leave about 1″ from the outside of the wood piece like pictured below. This leaves a part of the trees character. Let the paint dry for a few hours or overnight.










Step Three:
Take the stick pieces and break them into smaller pieces, it’s okay if their uneven as it makes them look more like a stem. Sand the pieces so the edges are smooth. You will need 3 pieces per pumpkin (only 2 for smaller pumpkins, use what you like!)

Step Four:
Once all of your stems are sanded stain them and let dry for 30 min.

Step Five:
Take your pumpkin piece and place three of your stained stems on the back. Once you’ve placed them where you want them hot glue the pieces on. Let these set for 15 minutes before moving to the next step (VERY important to wait or the stem pieces may come loose in the next step).

Step Six:
Unwrap about a foot 1/2 of the crafting floral wire & cut it off. Next gently wrap the wire around the stem two times & twist like a twist tie one time to secure it. Take the handle of the wire cutter and wrap the wire end around it to help create the spiral end (you can do this step prior to wrapping around the stem if you find that easier).

Step Seven:
Cut some Raffita or ribbon and tie it around the stem and work around the wire.

Step Eight:
Take your pumpkins outside and pray with the acrylic sealer. This will protect your pumpkins from weather if outside, sun if in a sunny spot inside/outside and cleaning products if inside. It is very important not to skip this step if you wish to have these last a long time. Let dry for a few hours or overnight.

Step Nine:
Attach a frame hook on the back if you’re planning on hanging your pumpkin(s).

Enjoy your cute DIY Fall pumpkins!

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