DIY Bat Halloween Treats

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DIY Bat Pop Treats


Do you want to do something different and fun for the kiddos this year for Halloween? Are you thinking maybe something fun for daycare or school friends, sports team friends or neighborhood kids? Or, do you have older kids that don’t trick-or-treat anymore and you still want to get them a fun festive “treat”? This DIY project if perfect for any of the previously mentioned…or all! It’s so easy to do and you probably have everything laying around your house! Make these adorable DIY bat pop treats!

This DIY treat took me 5 minutes and I had everything on hand!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– toilet paper roll/ paper towel roll
– 1 piece black tissue paper (per bat)
– Elmers glue
– scissors
– googley eyes
– 1 sheet white paper
– string

Step one:
Take your tissue paper and fold it in half, then fold it in half again the long way. It should look like this:

Step two:
Next, you will need to cut a large triangle on each side of the tissue paper.


Step three:
Now, the goodies!! Put your treats of choice into the cardboard roll.
Ideas younger kids: candy, gum, bouncey ball, piggy bank money, fruit snacks,
Ideas for older kids: money, gum, golf balls, jewlery
… use your imagination to make the surprise fun!


Step four:
Put glue on one side of the roll and put the glue side down on one end of the tissue paper. Now glue the rest of the roll and roll the tissue over the roll.

Step five:
Now you will tie each of the ends with the string you have. Don’t tie it too tight or you will rip the tissue paper.

Once you do this, depending on your tissue paper size and which roll you decided to use (toilet paper or paper towel) you may need to cut the wings smaller…I ended up needing to take about 2 inches off of my original cuts.


Step six: 
Now the googley eyes go on!! Glue the eyes on and cut out two triangles on the white paper. Glue the triangles on under the googley eyes to make the bat fangs.

You’re DONE!! See less than 5 minutes! This fun DIY Bat Treat gift is easy for anyone to do, you could even get your kids involved in making them as gifts for grandparents, aunts & uncles or friends.

Happy Halloween!

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